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To buy Gepetto's wooden toys for babies.....

General Public

You can look up our Retailer List for both New Zealand and International stockists of Gepetto's toys, or use our On Line Shop.

Currently payment options include Paypal and Direct Debit, the latter for New Zealand customers only. Please see below for shipping rates and further information regarding online purchases.

Credit card payment is not available on our website.


Retailers interested in stocking our product should contact us directly for our terms, pricing and freight rates.

Retailers requesting registration will be issued with a password to log on for direct access to whole sale pricing and ordering.

Some Retailers will have access to an Account Option which recognizes agreed credit terms. Completion of our Credit Application form is required to qualify for the 'Account' payment option.

Credit card

Credit card payment is not available.



Orders will be dispatched on receipt of payment, unless lines of credit have been established (Retailers)

New Zealand Orders:

Delivery within NZ will be by courier or post. A charge of NZ$6.00 (Inc. GST) for freight will be added to your order.
A freight discount is available to our Retailers.  Details are presented in our Credit Application Form, available on request.                         

Please allow up to 3 days delivery time.

International Orders:
Delivery will be postal, using InternationalAir. Please allow up to 3 weeks

Australia (2 weeks delivery time):
NZ$10 up to 6 toys,     NZ$15 up to15 toys,    NZ$20 up to 20 toys,      NZ$25 up to 30 toys,    NZ$30 up to 40 toys.
A freight discount is available to our Retailers.  Details are presented in our Credit Application Form, available on request.

Allow 2 weeks delivery time from dispatch date.

Rest of the World (2 - 3 weeks delivery time from dispatch):
NZ$20 up to 6 toys,     NZ$35 up to15 toys,    NZ$45 up to 20 toys,      NZ$55 up to 30 toys,  NZ$70 up to 35 toys,   NZ$80 up to 40 toys


All toys are made from sycamore-maple, a strong and durable hardwood established as a premium toy wood among the traditional toy makers of Europe. Both designs and the non-toxic paints used have been tested to meet international toy safety standards.

If, however, you receive a Gepetto toy with a manufacturing fault, Contact Us within 30 days to discuss return and replacement.


Any information collected from you will only be for the execution of transactions you request of Gepetto.

Retailers' name and address details will be listed on this site to advertise their business and our product. Any retailer can Contact Us to have their information deleted.


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