Cot and Pram Collection

  • 59 Buggy Bouncer

    Pram or cot play

    28cm119g$35.80 NZD

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    60 Pram Rattle with Sally Doll

    Pram or cot play

    28cm100g$35.80 NZD

  • 63 Pram Rattle - No Bells

    Pram or cot play

    27cm87g$27.30 NZD

  • 64 Pram Rattle - Two Bells

    Pram or cot play

    28cm84g$27.30 NZD

  • 77 Pram Rattle - Billy doll

    Pram or cot play

    27cm87g$35.80 NZD

Our manufacturing process has been perfected through the years to now produce the highest quality product based on traditional European craftsmanship, combining safety and style in a long lasting wooden toy designed to stimulate and entertain.

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